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Benefits of a Website for Events

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High Commission Costs on platforms such as Eventbrite

Platforms such as Eventbrite have quite high commission costs. Having your own Event website means that the you do not have to pay this commission. When your customers know your place and book several times a year the amount you could save can be quite large. Owning an Event  website is not exclusive. This means you can have it work alongside your Eventbrite account as an additional booking platform. The additional specialisation that your own website allows can result in better results in relation to a Google search.

Statistics on displayShow all you have to offer

Your own website can contain as much information as you like and list all the Events that are occurring at in an easy to navigate system. This will mean that people will not only find the Event they are looking for, but see all that you have to offer. This will result in an increase in sales and with continuous updates on the website create a small community, further increasing sales.

spotlight showcasing eventsDisplay your Events in the best light

Your own Event website will result in you being able to decide on the content. This means you can remove all negativity and promote events with as much content such as pictures and videos as you wish. You can link to previous and similar Events that you are hosting/organising. Contact Kugler Design and let us help you recommend the best ways for your Events to shine.

Previous Event Website

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The Web Design Process

megaphone representing to call Kugler Design1 – Get in touch with Kugler Design

Send us a message or call us in order to get in touch. Tell us exactly what you would like the website to do, or tell us your business goals and we can advise you to what would work best on your website. We discuss your target audience, your location and what you would like the website to achieve. We would then recommend the best Event package that suits your needs.

Paper Airplane to send information to Kugler Design2 – Send Kugler Design information

The next step would be to send us information regarding your Events business. Send us pictures and information regarding your venue(s) and what events you manage. It can be as much and as little as you like, but more would always be better. You can speed up the web design process by collecting as much information, pictures and videos as possible at this stage. We would require pictures of your Events, rooms and facilities (if you own the venue), information about previous Events, number of Events hosted annually (approximately) and rough estimates of the maximum and minimum of attendees to your Events.

Ruler and Pencil to represent Kugler Design designing website3 – The initial design process

Before we start the initial design, feel free to send us any designs or elements that you enjoy from other websites so that we can incorporate them into your website. A deposit of typically 10% is also requested at this stage. Once deposit is received a domain name would be chosen. This is the website address, such as We would start making an outline design of your website. There is a lot of room for big changes and alterations at this stage. After this stage, there would still be room to make small changes regarding style and colour but major changes may add extra working hours on our part and may be charged. Hence it is important to be satisfied with the initial design and let us know any thoughts at this stage. We then send you the design when the homepage and perhaps one other page are complete and you let us know what changes you would like if there are any to make.

Event website on phone and mobile4 – The main design process

At this stage we have the rough outline of the website completed, have received feedback from you, and are now starting work on the final design. Small changes are still possible and we create all the pages that are required on the website. Features are installed and styled. We near the finished product.

Globe and word live to signify that the event website is live5 – Finalising and making the website Live

Up to now the website would be created under a subdomain of Kugler Design eg: At this stage we would request the outstanding balance be paid in full and upon receipt the website is put Live on the domain you chose. Your website is now finished!

Pricing & Packages

This is a basic web design package and is primarily for an individual venue hosting a few Events per year. Upcoming Events will highly visible to visitors of your site.

Note: The Booking system is 3rd party and has an annual subscription of €80 per year. It is also possible to use Eventbrite events instead, where prices are taken from the ticket sales at €0.49 plus 4%.

This Web Design package is for larger businesses who host many events in the year in multiple venues or in a wide variety. The website will be easy to navigate through the types of Events available.

Note: The Booking system is 3rd party and has an annual subscription of €80 per year. It is also possible to use Eventbrite events instead, where prices are taken from the ticket sales at €0.49 plus 4%.

Our most comprehensive web design package. This is for business that host a wide variety of Events or in multiple venues. This package offers more visibility on the Google search engine, allowing for more visitors.

Note: The Booking system is 3rd party and has an annual subscription of €80 per year. It is also possible to use Eventbrite events instead, where prices are taken from the ticket sales at €0.49 plus 4%.

Optional Extras

Logo/Branding Development

It can be very beneficial to have a Logo linking to your business. This allows your clients to recognise your business quickly, and makes it easier to pass knowledge onto their friends and family. Kugler Design offers a Logo and Branding Development service. Prices depend on the full requirements that you may have, but start from as low as €100.

from €100

Dual Language Website

Offering multiple languages is one of the best ways to increase the potential customers you can reach. At Kugler Design, we offer event websites in multiple languages: English, German, Portuguese, Spanish and French.

Further languages can be catered for upon request.

from €300

Venue Information Pages

This package adds up to 15 pages to your website with detail about all the different venues and/or information about the various types of your events. This increases Google search engine visibility and offers more information to your visitors.

from €150

Blog Page

A blog is a great way to promote your business. By writing about upcoming or past events, your venues and activities it can greatly boost your visibility on the google search engine and make your website more interactive. This is a very effective way of promoting your business online. Kugler Design also offers a blog-writing service. See below for details.

from €100

Setting up Social Networking

Social media is more important than ever to boost business, and choosing the right social media and setting it up can be quite difficult. Kugler Design can advise you on the best forms of social media for your business.

€50/per Social Media

Recurring Cost Extras

Domain name registration

Securing and purchasing a domain name is the first step one needs to take on their journey to creating their own website. This is the name that people type in browser eg

This is offered as an optional extra as many may already own their own domain name. This is an annual charge and price can vary on a number of factors such as the name itself, and if you have a .com, .net, .de or .fr website.

from €20/per annum

Hosting and Maintenance 

Hosting is an important service as this is what makes the website accessible. The Host is a server (type of computer) that has the website on it and sends people the website when they look for it.

Maintenance is commonly overlooked as many think it is easy to host a website. In fact, it is, and many will prefer to host it themselves. However, when something goes wrong, it can be very difficult and expensive to find out what the problem is in order to fix it. Kugler Design offers Hosting and maintenance, and this can also be purchased at an annual charge of €250.

€15/ per month

Managing Social Networks 

Kugler Design can manage your social networks and submit weekly or monthly updates on any social media network. We create interesting and engaging content and bring customers onto your social media channels.

from €30/per month

Blog Updates

 A blog is a great tool for bringing interest to your website. It transforms it from a static webpage to a dynamic website that continually has new interesting content. Kugler Design can create new content for your website on a weekly, monthly or bimonthly basis. We create content based on your past events, upcoming events and your venues. We can also write about any topic you choose.

from €30/per month

Ad Campaigns

Online Ad campaigns are, after social media, probably the most effective methods of getting customers to view your events whether they are searching google, looking at facebook, or browsing the web.

There are multiple platforms on which Ad campaigns can be run, and Kugler Design can create and manage your Ad campaings.

Price varies

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