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Optimising websites for the Google search engine

What are Google Analytics and SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It is a process whereby one tweaks the content in your website to be more likely to appear in a google search result.

Google Analytics displays the information regarding the visitors to your website. Here you can see the demographics of the visitors to your website, and the methods of how they arrived at your website, whether through a search engine or a different source.
You are also able to see on which searches your website appears. This is important as you are able to tweak the content of your website so that you are more likely to appear for the desired search results.

Can you guarantee me a #1 spot on google?

Nobody can guarantee you a #1 spot. Any who try and sell you a #1 spot will not be speaking truly. There are many factors which determine ranking on the search engine results, and it is impossible to predict the outcome.

It is easier to reach the #1 rank for unusual and specific results, such as ‘Kugler Design’ or ‘Web Design Delgany’. This name is a little unusual and is very specific. A #1 ranking on ‘Web Design’ would be much more difficult.


What affects the ranking on Google?

The truth is nobody entirely knows everything that affects your Google ranking. Google are employing an AI (Artificial Intelligence) to help with the ranking, but the process is not fully understood. However, we do know many factors that affect your ranking.

The number one factor is content. The more content you have on your website the more likely you are to be placed higher. The content should be relevant to your business, but should not be repetitive. It would be no use taking about dental procedures on a website for electricians, for example, and repeating the same paragraphs on every page are not beneficial.

The next most important factor is that your website should be updated continuously. Having a blog which posts an article every week or fortnight is a great way to boost your ranking. Kugler Design can offer to do this service for you and will post content relevant to your business to a predetermined frequency.

Another major factor are links to other websites and social media platforms. This works both ways. This means it is beneficial to have a link leading from a business partners website to yours, and a link from your website leading to that of your partners. Having many of these is a great method of boosting ranking, and is mutually beneficial to all participants.

The last factor we will mention, though there are many more, is the number of visits you receive. The more people that find your website on a search engine, and then visit your website, will help you raise your ranking. The time they spend on your website and number of pages they view is taken into account, so if someone has a quick look at your site and then leaves, it will not be as effective as someone who stays a while.


Does Kugler Design offer SEO and Google Analytics services?

All our websites are tailored to rank well on Google search results. We take into account your main area of specialisation, your complete services offered and the areas you would be servicing the most. It is best to start small and build up from there.

To improve search results further Kugler Design recommends to add further features to your website. Most notably would be adding more content and the creation of a blog, with regular updates. This affects google rankings positively, and is a major requirement to achieving a high ranking.

Kugler Design also offers Analytics services. We set up a Google Webmaster account under your name which offers us access to the Analytics results. There we analyse the data and offer advice and changes to your website which would improve your Google ranking.

To avail of this service, please contact Kugler Design.

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