User Management

An overview of User Management and its applications

What is User Management

User management allows the creation of profiles on your website, so you can give access to people to make new pages, edit content, look at private posts and pages, write comments or upload videos.

Does Kugler Design offer User Management?

Yes. We can create systems to offer all aspects of User Management. Upon request, we train you in the use of the system, so you are able to manage it yourself. Most of our packages come with a basic User Management system, and a more advanced version can be added upon request.


Why would I want User Management?

User Management is not for everyone. If you wish Kugler Design to manage changes, or are making all the alterations yourself, you will not require User Management.
However, if you have multiple employees that need access to update the website, we would recommend to avail of a User Management feature.
If, for example, you are operating an Online shop, you may want to give some employees access to add new products to the store. But you do not want them to be able to delete or change pages, even if just by accident, then you would need User Management.
Or if you operate a blogging website, and would like people to leave comments on your website, a User Management System is very useful.

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