While English is the main business language in the world, with around 1.5 billion people being able to hold a basic conversation in English, only around 350 million speak it as their primary language. If your business is international, or is used by a large portion of people who speak a different primary language, it is important to offer the website in their own mother tongue.

Kugler Design offers websites which can be displayed in 2 or more languages, and switching between them is as easy as clicking a button. So now you can reach your customer base in 2 or more countries without needing to have two separate websites. This means you only need to update and manage one website. View one of our examples at maisonbroche.com.

Kugler Design has in-house translators for English, German and Portuguese, and have a list contacts for translating content into Spanish, Polish Japanese and French. We can hire further translators to accommodate for any further languages required. We are keen on expanding our multilingual portfolio, so we will be offering great rates for multilingual websites. Call us to find out more!

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