The Trading Online Voucher offered by the Local Enterprise Office has greatly reduced the amount you need to contribute for you E-Commerce website. This has fallen from 50% to 10%. The Trading Online Voucher covers up to a value of €2,500. This will be available until the 30th of September.

What Businesses are able to apply?

Any business that can sell products or services online can apply for the Trading Online Voucher. Ideally the ability to sell online will assist you in dealing with the current Covid situation. The businesses in the Fitness and Training branch for example can benefit from selling places in their classes using interactive webinars. Kugler Design can advise how your business could trade online!

How do I apply?

You will need to do a few things in order to apply for the Trading Online Voucher.

Firstly you will need to attend an online seminar. These are always on the last Thursday of every month. Visit the Wicklow Enterprise Office in order to register yourself for the next seminar!

You will also have to receive two quotes for the work. Contact Kugler Design at and we will be happy to provide you with a quote.

Please note that the grant will not cover any costs incurred before you receive the approval.

I have applied for the voucher before, does that not mean I cannot apply for it again?

LEO have changed the criteria for the Trading Online Voucher. If you applied for the voucher before, you can now apply for it again! This is to provide updates for existing E-Commerce websites and to ensure you are trading efficiently online.

What does the grant include?

The grant covers a wide array of expenses relating to trading online. It includes the E-Commerce website development, booking and online payment systems, App development, development and implementation of a Digital Marketing Strategy, Online Advertising and Photography. A full list can be found at the Wicklow Enterprise Office.

Contact Kugler Design to get your Business Online!

At Kugler Design we offer incredible websites and Apps, but we do not claim to do everything! That is why we work with a local Marketing and a local Photography company. Contact Kugler Design to find out more!