Already own a website but it needs updating or your needs have changed?

Maybe your web designer is just not responding to your calls. Maybe your designer has changed career. Or your friend designed it for you, but now that he is swamped with work he just cant find the time to update your website. Perhaps your site is not responsive, which means that if people try to view your site on a phone or tablet, they have difficulty in reading your website (which is a problem as over half the people on the internet use mobile devices). These issues happen all the time and sometimes no-one is to blame, but at the same time it is hurting you and your business.

Kugler Design can update your website, make it responsive (so that mobile devices can see it properly), redesign it, repair it or give you a completely new look depending on the services you require. We meet with you, listen to your problems, and discuss the best plan of action for you and your website. If you are busy we can also discuss the problems over the phone and sort them out via e-mail. The whole process can take between 1 to 2 weeks, with one phone call and a few email exchanges. We will not leave you waiting for weeks or even months. We know how important it is to have up-to-date information displayed on your website and how this affects business.

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