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The Benefits of a Website For Electricians

Hand serving customersGet More Customers

Primarily people call electricians that they are already familiar with. However, if they do not yet have one or if they are unavailable most people will look for an electrician online. A website will help you stand out from the competition, and give you a chance to introduce your business, your past projects, the services you offer, the areas you service and more. Kugler Design can help your business in finding what is best for your business in order to attract customers. We can assist in what social media and advertising would assist in boosting your customer base.

Bunny and Pigeon in an hat to emphasise your skillsShow what you can do

A website will help in showing what exactly your business can offer. You can have pages listing all your services, from the first fix to installing the oven, from Domestic to Commercial, you can list everything your electrical business can do. We would recommend in doing this as customers will often look at your website and check if what they are looking for is offered. Pictures of your previous electrical projects are beneficial and we would suggest starting to take pictures if you have not done so already.

Hand Navigating websiteThe websites work on your phone

With over 50% of all people accessing websites through mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), it is important that your website works on all devices. This is especially important for electricians as people who are in need of an electrician will often use their phone to look for an electrician. Kugler Design makes sure that all of our work functions on all devices.

Previous Electrician Website

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The Web Design Process

Megaphone meaning to contact Kugler Design1 – Get in touch with Kugler Design

Send us a message or call us in order to get in touch. Tell us exactly what you would like the website to do, or tell us your target business and we can advise you as to what website and package would work best for your electricians business. We discuss your target audience, your location and what you would like the website to achieve. We would then recommend the best package for electricians that suits your needs.

Paper Airplane to mean send to Kugler Design2 – Send Kugler Design information

The next step would be to send us information in relation to your business. This would include any pictures you might have of your previous projects, your logo (if you have one), a list of all the electrical services that you offer and the areas that you service. You should also tell us what field you specialise in so that this can feature prominently on your website. It can help to create a more personal connection with your potential clients, so you can include pictures of yourself or your team, even of your pets.

Pencil and ruler to indicate design process3 – The initial design process

Before we start the initial design, feel free to send us any designs or elements that you enjoy from other websites so that we can incorporate them into your website. A deposit of typically 10% is also requested at this stage. Once deposit is received a domain name would be chosen. This is the website address, such as www.yourelectricalbusiness.com. We would start making an outline design of your website. There is a lot of room for big changes and alterations at this stage. After this stage, there would still be room to make small changes regarding style and colour but major changes may add extra working hours on our part and may be charged. Hence it is important to be satisfied with the initial design and let us know any thoughts at this stage. We then send you the design when the homepage and perhaps one other page are complete and you let us know what changes you would like if there are any to make.

Website on phone and PC representing an almost finished website by Kugler Design4 – The main design process

At this stage we have the rough outline of the website completed, have received feedback from you, and are now starting work on the final design. Small changes are still possible and we create all the pages that are required on the website. Features are installed and styled. We near the finished product.

Image of globe with word live to represent the website going live5 – Finalising and making the website Live

Up to now the website would be created under a subdomain of Kugler Design eg: www.yourholidayhome.kuglerdesign.com At this stage we would request the outstanding balance be paid in full and upon receipt the website is put Live on the domain you chose. Your website is now finished!

Pricing & Packages

This is the basic package, designed for established electricians who have a generous customer base and just require a website to create an online web presence.

This package is ideal for electricians who are just starting their business. The increased content and the Basic SEO package will result in your website being ranked higher on a Google search.

This is the complete package, including an online booking system, an advanced SEO package, adding your business to Google maps, and large amounts of content which will see your business raked higher on a Google search allowing you to reach more customers.

Optional Extras

Logo/Branding Development

Kugler Design offers a Logo and Branding Development service. Prices depend on the full requirements that you may have, but start from as low as €100.

from €100

Gallery Page

This option will add a gallery or previous projects page to your website. This page can be used to showcase your previous projects, as well as some before and after pictures.

from €50

Goolge Maps Listing

This option will add your business to Google maps. Kugler Design will help create your Google account and guide you through the process in verifying your business.

from €100

Blog Page

A blog is a great tool in order to promote your business. It also helps with your Google ranking. This option add a blog page to your website and Kugler Design will show you how to make a new posts and edit previous ones.

from €100

Setting up Social Networking

Social media is more important than ever to boost business, and choosing the right social media and setting it up can be quite difficult. Kugler Design can advise you on the best forms of social media for your business.

€50/per Social Media

Recurring Cost Extras

Domain name registration

Securing and purchasing a domain name is the first step one needs to take on their journey to creating their own website. This is the name that people type in browser eg www.your-domain-name.com

This is offered as an optional extra as many may already own their own domain name. This is an annual charge and price can vary on a number of factors such as the name itself, and if you have a .com, .net, .de or .fr website.

from €20/per annum

Hosting and Maintenance 

Hosting is an important service as this is what makes the website accessible. The Host is a server (type of computer) that has the website on it and sends people the website when they look for it.

Maintenance is commonly overlooked as many think it is easy to host a website. In fact, it is, and many will prefer to host it themselves. However, when something goes wrong, it can be very difficult and expensive to find out what the problem is in order to fix it. Kugler Design offers Hosting and maintenance, and this can also be purchased at an annual charge of €250.

€15/ per month

Managing Social Networks 

Kugler Design can manage your social networks and submit weekly or monthly updates on any social media network. We create interesting and engaging content and bring customers onto your social media channels.

from €30/per month

Blog Updates

 A blog is a great tool for bringing interest to your website. It transforms it from a static webpage to a dynamic website that continually has new interesting content. Kugler Design can create new content for your website on a weekly, monthly or bimonthly basis. We create content based on upcoming events, new technologies, safety tips and new regulations.

from €30/per month

Ad Campaigns

Online Ad campaigns are probably the most effective method of getting customers to view your website or social media page. This can translate into a large new base of clients.

There are multiple platforms on which Ad campaigns can be run, and Kugler Design can create and manage your Ad campaings.

Price varies

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